Mebel Jepara Furniture Center

Mebel jepara is a kind of furniture which came from jepara city. Jepara known well as one of the best furniture producers , almost of people in jepara are work as a furniture producers. People in jepara know how to make the best furniture products . Quality of jepara furniture are not in doubt, Jepara furniture were made from the best quality. As we know that indonesia are a country with a lot of high quality wooden materials , there are so many high quality wooden resource in jepara , nowdays indonesia plant alot of new tree for furniture materials. There are so many empty land which planted with  " jati " seed.
Jati ( euchema grandais ) are know well as one of the best wooden materials to build furniture products , " INDONESIA " especially jepara city are plant alot of new jati tree, jepara city looks like a forest for almost of foreign people which visit jepara for the first time. it's because there are so many big tree grown in every garden in jepara city. Jepara plant tree by our self, but some time another provinces are supply materials to our country.

Jepara is a city with a lot of experience ins furniture producing , we are highly experienced in furniture producing, so we can build mebel jepara with high quality, quality for colors, materials, especially quality for the constructions . All of our products are build with high quality materials, we use old high quality wooden , good painting materials, and best constructions  method to build a good furnitures.

Not only about the high quality, but also about the model. Experience for years in furniture products make jepara city have huge collections for furniture models. There are modern desings, unique designs, antique designs. It's looks like all in furniture products you can find in jepara city. Jepara city is a true furniture center. The models for mebel jepara are inspired by time, it's improve from time to time, people in jepara know about trend.

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