What Is Arthritis? What Causes Arthritis?

Before we go to what causes arthritis, you need to know what arthritis is. It is an inflammation that occurs in your joints. It can occur in one or more areas of your body. In your body, there are many types of arthritis. It is more than 100. And each of them has different cause as well as different treatment. The symptoms of arthritis usually appear gradually and sometimes it can occur suddenly too. And commonly, occurs to adults although teens and children also may have this pain.

The question is what causes arthritis? Just like it has been said before that what causes arthritis pain are different depending on the type of arthritis. There are two common types here. First is osteoarthritis. This is the most common type of arthritis. It occurs because an injury or infection to the joints. And the risk of this osteoarthritis can be higher for you who have a family with history of diseases. You need to get the right treatment here including ask a doctor if it is needed.

And another type is called with rheumatoid arthritis. What causes rheumatoid arthritis? It is caused by attack from the immune system to the tissues of your body. The attack can affect synovium that secretes certain fluid that can nourish the cartilage and also it can lubricate the joints. The reason why immune system attacks the tissues of the body is not yet found. The scientists are still looking for it. But, genetic markers can also play a role for what causes arthritis.

There are also other common causes you need to know. It can be injury that can lead to degenerative arthritis. Besides that, abnormal metabolism can also lead to the gout and also pseudogout. Another common cause is inheritance just like in osteoarthritis and it can be also caused by infections. It is just like what causes arthritis of Lyme disease. The last common cause is because of overactive immune system just like SLE and RA.

Sure, for you who have one of those of what causes arthritis should get the right treatment. There are some options you have. First is physical therapy that involves certain exercises that can help strengthening your muscles especially around the joints that are affected. Weight loss and also by maintaining the weight health is also a good idea to reduce the symptom. If it becomes severe, it can lead to surgery.

Description: what causes arthritis? There are many causes that depend on the type of arthritis. But you can know the common causes, symptoms and also treatment you can try to do.
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