Knee Stretches before Working out to Avoid Pain

Running is one of the sports which are interesting and it is loved by many people. On the other hand, this activities also does not need money and very easy to do without going to gym. It is done to make the body healthy and in fit condition. To avoid the muscle problem, especially on your knee or some joint, then what you need is doing knee stretches to avoid the pain. It will make your activities especially for having work out more comfortable.

The function of knee stretches is to flex and prepare the muscle of the body in order to make it relax and ready when they work on exercise. If we often run without stretching, it will give us risk on the knee pain, that’s why our article will try to help you finding the knee stretches to relieve pain in order to avoid the pain knee which will probably happen to you during your exercise.

There are some movements for knee stretches that we can do to avoid knee pain when we are running or doing activities. The stretch of the knee when we are standing, we can put our right leg behind the left hand, and with the two hands going to the front straight, and two hands come to the wall. Crumpled the right knee slowly to the front until the position of the palm of foot go straight to left, and keep it straight. Do the same to the right leg and hold it in position up to 3 minutes.

Move the thigh on lying or seating on the floor with straight right leg to the front and put the towel which is rolled under the knee on the back inside. Push the towel lower with your foot while stretching the muscle of your leg. Hold it up to five to ten seconds and leave it slowly. Do it in three sets which consist of ten times in every set. That is very good for knee stretches to avoid the pain on your knee.

On the other hand, we can do the movement by bringing the leg lying up on the floor with left leg of front straight and the right is folded to avoid knee pain. This is usually known as knee stretches for runners. Bring the right leg up until the leg in balance with the left leg and bring it down slowly. Do three sets which contains 10 times, then you can change the leg. Do it slowly to avoid the movement of muscle when doing the knee stretches.

Description: knee stretches must be done to avoid the pain knee after you do your work out. There are some movements that you need to do to avoid it. Here are some tips you can do for knee stretches.
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