Thursday, May 3, 2012


This time I've managed to get fashion extraordinaire Masha Orlov to answer my little questions. For those who don't know Masha styles/consults on all sorts of amazing things Purple fashion, Vogue Russia, Dazed and Confused you name it she's done it , she also has the SICKEST collection of glasses i've ever seen. 

Name Masha Orlov

Age ? the innocence of a child, the wisdom of a grandma

Location NYC

what do you do? freelance stylist

what’s your theme song ? currently Come Back To Me by The Rapture

who was your first crush ? he was born in Russia, his name is Leo but we called him Lova

Earliest memory of Love ? running around in nature

Best year you weren’t alive for ? when the natives roamed the lands and lived in matriarchal systems

whens the last time you felt nostalgic ? on a daily basis

Fave possession great, great grandmother's Faberge ring from 1881

smell musk, incense, wood and flowers

guilty pleasure cacao

Cake  with no wheat or sugar please, preferably raw with organic cacao

god is with me and everyone

fashion is an expression of the moment

What did you last youtube really into Sacred Geometry lately

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Quinn B said...

I like that this interview is short and sweet! What a cool gal!