Monday, April 16, 2012

Question Time Part 8

Anna Trevelyan needs no introduction no seriously she's rather excellent !!  The Stylist extraordinaire talks princess dresses, tulisa and lemon tart .

Name Anna Trevelyan

Age 18

Location ? London

what do you do ? fashion styling

What’s your theme song ? Bills, bills, bills by Destinys child ;) 

Who was your first crush ? Slater from Saved by the Bell

Earliest memory of Love ? receiving a pink princess dress when i was about 7 i loved it. for romantic love i cant remember haha

Best year you weren’t alive for ? 1977

Whens the last time you felt nostalgic ? 2 nights ago when i caught up with some old friends about our wilder days

Fave possession waaaay too many things, i love all my hello kitty stuff though

smell petrol

guilty pleasure  heat magazine

Cake lemon tart

god is beyond conception

fashion is a multitude of things

What did you last youtube the Quack film by Nick Knight and Tulisa Talks.


Simmran Sharma said...

Great post!!
I like this !

Anna Jackland said...

Thanks for this inspiring post. I love how she defined fashion. I hope one day I can be featured as well. Thanks